Types of advertisements

Two types of advertisements for advertising commercial properties. While standard advertisements and featured advertisements display the same information, featured advertisements receive more views as they are prioritised in search results.

Comparison of standard and featured ads

Both standard and featured ads

Display comprehensive information about the commercial property

Standard and featured ads include:

  • a title
  • description
  • location which is linked to maps, directions and nearby places
  • price to lease, sell or price on application
  • type of premises – 13 to choose from
  • size and space details
  • 7 special labels
  • property features which are searchable by tenants
  • additional details relating to tenancy, tenants, auction and more
  • up to 35 images, video, 360 degree and floor plans
  • up to 2 additional document files
  • contact details

Additional services for featured ads

Priority ranking in search results

Featured advertisements are prioritised in all search results. Commercial properties advertised using a featured advertisement will get more exposure than properties advertised with standard advertisements.

Every search will result in the featured commercial properties being displayed first, followed by the standard advertisements.

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